Outwrite in 4 easy steps

1. Create a free account

If you haven't registered for a free Outwrite account, get started here.

2. Import your document

There are currently two options for importing documents:

  • Copy/paste text into a new blank document
  • Upload from your computer

3. Correct your writing

Once your document is imported, you should see the Outwrite Editor along with some suggestions to improve your writing. You can turn each category on/off or click the numbers to jump to the next available suggestion of that type.

  • Spelling. Identifies words incorrectly spelled, or use a different variation of English (you can change your preferred version of English by visiting).
  • Grammar. Identifies mistakes relating to capitalization, punctuation, word form, and missing words.
  • Style & Structure (Pro). Suggests ways to improve the eloquence of your writing. This includes simplifying phrases, removing unnecessary words, and changing passive voice to active voice.
  • Thesaurus. Highlight a word to view a list of synonyms.
  • Rewrite (Pro). Highlight a sentence to view different ways to rephrase or restructure it.

Whenever you interact with a suggestion, the Editor automatically jumps to the next suggestion for you. If you do not want this behavior, click the settings button to turn "Auto Advance" off. 

You can view writing statistics like readability and grade-level scores in real-time by clicking on the stats icon at the bottom left of the Editor.

4. Check for Plagiarism

Available as a Pro feature, you can use plagiarism checking to ensure originality of your work by scanning for similarities with any previously published content. Simply hit the "Plagiarism" button and follow the steps to run a check. Please be aware that doing this will use one of your monthly plagiarism-check quotas.

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