Pro features

In addition to our free features, upgrading to Outwrite's Pro or Teams plan will give you access to our advanced features. These features go beyond basic grammar checking, and aim to improve the quality, flow, and originality of your writing. Check them out below: 

Stylistic & Structural suggestions

Outwrite's stylistic and structural suggestions aim to improve the eloquence of your writing. This includes:

  • Phrasing. Improves the flow and eloquence of your writing style.
  • Efficiency.  Identifies wordy language that can be more concisely expressed. 
  • Vocabulary. Finds alternatives to weak words to make your writing more sophisticated and compelling.
  • Passive voice. Detects cases of passive voice, and suggests how to rewrite it in active voice.


Pro users get early access to our latest AI-powered features.


Rewrite is an experimental feature that helps you paraphrase sentences instantly. Select a sentence, and it will find different ways to rephrase or restructure it according to one of the following goals:

  • Decrease words. This goal is useful for writers who want to reduce their word count, or make their writing more concise.
  • Increase words. This goal is useful for people who are under their desired word count.
  • Improve fluency. This is Outwrite's default setting. It will provide suggestions it believes to be the best, irrespective of their length.


Check the originality of your document by searching and comparing it to publicly available text on the internet. This allows writers, particularly college students, to ensure the integrity of their work.

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