Platforms overview


Outwrite is available on four different platforms for your convenience: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Chrome extension and our web-app, The AI powering Outwrite will work the same across all of our platforms, delivering consistent results, allowing you to improve your writing from anywhere, at anytime. Don't worry! Outwrite Pro users will have access to the Pro features across all of our five platforms.

Chrome extension:

For more detailed instructions click here.

Head to the Chrome Webstore and search for Outwrite or you can click here. Click 'Add to Chrome' and use Chrome as normal. Click on the small red icon in the bottom right of any text-box where you can see how many mistakes and improvements there are in your text. By clicking the icon, the Outwrite editor will pop up and will allow you to edit your document as normal.

Google Docs:

For detailed instructions click here.

Once you have opened your document in Google Docs simply click the 'add-ons' drop-down menu. If you haven't already added the Outwrite add-on, click 'Get add-ons', search for Outwrite and then click 'Free +'  and follow the prompts. One it has been added to your account, simply click the 'add-ons' menu again and hover over Outwrite and click 'start'. Then click 'View suggestions' in the Outwrite pop-up, after modifying your document with Outwrite click 'Apply changes' and the document will be edited accordingly. 

Web App:

Simply copy a document from any word processor and paste it into the page after clicking 'New Document', you can also type directly into a new document and Outwrite will edit it as you type. The suggestions will then be underlined in the colour associated with the error detected, click on these to view the suggestions.

Hint: You can monitor all of the changes you have made by clicking the tick in the top right corner. It will show a summary of all changes made to the document. You can also type directly into any of the Outwrite platforms and our AI will monitor and identify mistakes as you type. 

Microsoft Word:

For detailed instructions click here.

Once you've opened Microsoft Word, click 'Insert' on the menu bar followed by 'Add-ins' and then 'Store'. Search for Outwrite then click 'Add'. The Outwrite icon will appear in the top right hand corner of Word. Once you have finished typing, click on the Outwrite icon and you will be able to use Outwrite as usual.