How can I use Outwrite with Outlook?

Outwrite's browser extension supports several sites, including Outlook. Here's how you can use it:

1. Install the Outwrite browser extension

Head to either the Chrome Web Store or the Edge Add-ons Store and install the Outwrite extension. Then, follow the steps to create a free account (if you haven't already registered).

We'd recommend pinning the Outwrite extension to your browser for easy access!

2. Open an email in Outlook

Create a new message or open a draft. If Outwrite detects spelling or grammar errors, they'll show up as colored underlines. If you're a Pro user, you may also see blue and purple underlines for stylistic and structural suggestions.

Note: If Microsoft Editor is interfering with Outwrite's suggestions, you can disable it by clicking on the pen icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Reword and rewrite your sentences

If you'd like to replace a word, highlight or double-click on it to generate a list of synonyms. If you're a Pro user, you can also paraphrase an entire sentence by highlighting it.