Outwrite's AI paraphrasing tool lets you rewrite sentences in six different ways. If you double-click or highlight a sentence, the goals will appear in a pop up above the selected text.


This goal will try to improve the clarity and flow of your sentences. This may involve removing words, changing vocabulary, or changing word order.


This goal is useful if you want to make your writing more concise or reduce your word count. It'll shorten your sentences by removing unnecessary words or simplifying wordy phrases.


This goal will help make your sentences longer, without adding irrelevant content.

Formal tone

This goal will modify the tone of your sentence to make it more formal and professional. This may involve replacing contractions, changing vocabulary, and removing colloquial language.

Casual tone

This goal will help you write in a casual, friendly tone. This may involve changes to word choice, punctuation, and phrasing.


This goal will suggest ways to change your sentence structure to improve clarity. This includes converting passive voice to active voice.

Note: Outwrite's paraphrasing tool is currently a Pro feature. You can try Pro for free here.